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Meandering or no, I quite enjoyed reading it! I think whatever the switch is that allows me to write good comments is still in the off position though.

Thank you! Feel more than free to come back to this entry if you get back into the headspace to comment!

Okay, I love you for addressing Willow's "uppityness" in taking on Glory. That has always rankled with me. So it's okay for Buffy to go out ready to kill Faith for poisoning Angel but Willow isn't entitled to a little vengeance after Glory destroys the mind of her girlfriend? I'm also a little fuzzy on why Willow was so evil for killing Warren, but that's another topic...


Total word on the Glory-issue. It bothers me that folks attach more menace to Willow going after Glory than Giles going after Angel in Passion. At least, Willow had a solid reason for believing that she could maybe hurt/end this Big Bad as a powerful witch. Moreover, Willow demonstrated that she could hurt Glory in Tough Love which aided their strategy in The Gift. Plus, Willow's point was correct. Glory was picking them off one by one to get to Dawn- by Buffy's own impassioned statement. When was Buffy going to feel like taking Glory on? Just when it's Dawn? Moreover, Spike and Dawn pretty much got out from Buffy admission that Buffy would exact revenge against Glory for hurting a certain person i.e. Dawn and it takes Buffy realizing that to leap to rescue Willow. So, Willow was on the money that the Scoobies all have their beloved people that they'd go commit vengeance for. Willow is hardly alone there So yeah, I like Willow's whole thing- taking on Glory and dishing back Buffy's hypocrisy.

I do really hate Willow killing Warren. My line in the sand is always "Don't kill people no matter what". I basically never find murder excusable until it's like a The Gift situation where it's either "Kill Dawn or watch everyone in the world plus Dawn die".

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