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Your canon and mine, while not identical, are quite harmonious. Colour me so surprised. < /end sarcasm >


LOL, that's cool that we're in synch!

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Interesting headcanons! And now that I think about it, Willow chose psychology for her first year at college, right? It seems an interesting choice since she felt so disconnected towards her mother.

(But it might be nothing. I don't know how American college system works)

Willow took freshman-level psychology as a single course. It wasn't her major field of study. Willow appreciates the value of psychology as an overall discipline. However, IMO, Willow is more interested in the hard science of it instead of the social studies or emotions. Chemical interactions in the brain, behavioral therapy, effect of prescription drugs. Per The Freshman, Willow was particularly intrigued by the fact that Walsh was an expert in operant conditioning.

I picture Willow being frustrated by the more Freudian talk-therapy social science aspects of psychology- particularly when it's proponents call it hard, provable science instead of instinctive relating to folks. Willow is really quite snippy that her mother did work on the patriarchal bias of the Mr. Rogers show.

Plus, Willow may have issues with Shelia but she did care about her certainly through S5 and Willow unconsciously channels her mother sometimes (Pangs). Willow may snip a little at the mockable excesses of Shelia's scholarship but she's at least somewhat her mother's daughter when you get down to it. Which is a very parent/child dynamic.

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