American Crime Story and Wine
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Signs I'm still thinking about American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson even though the series is unfortunately over. I went to the grocery store for lunch and saw a display of "Simi wines", in particular a Sauvignon blanc on sale. I queried whether the wines came from Simi Valley and whether Simi Valley was enough of a status location for (admittedly discounted wines) that the locale should be emblazoned in faux-fancy cursive to lure buyers looking for California wines. But toxic enough as a location in 1994 because the jury there acquitted the officers who beat Rodney King that it could discredit any police officer who lives there.

Immediately went back to research that the Simi wines are from Sonoma county (real wine country), seven hours away from Ventura County where lies Simi Valley and the infamous trial that acquitted the officers who viciously beat Rodney King. The wine label got the name "Simi" because it was the last name of the family who started the wine label.


No, but seriously, I REALLY loved the hell out of American Crime Story. I wish I had more to say- but I feel like a novice at the study of OJ Simpson. This is actually the ONE TV series where the official news outlets did a better job covering TV than a fanbase because it's chock full of older reporters who remembered the case going on live and maybe even covered some of it. LOL. The two other main creators/writers besides Ryan Murphy were on CNN on Friday and I was struck by two things:

(1) They said that the idea for the show started percolating two years ago JUST BEFORE Michael Brown's shooting really started to kick off the Black Lives Matter movement. So, as they wrote and developed the show, they were writing it alongside the development of the Black Lives Matter movment. They vaguely said that affected the development of the project- but the CNN reporter unfortunately didn't ask them to expand on that.

(2) When they were asked how the story differs from the Jeffrey Toobin source material, they made a note of saying that, upon researching the case, they really came to like Johnny Cochran, Marcia Clark, and Chris Darden in particular and thought they all got a raw deal in the press at the time so they wrote the scripts with that in mind.

(3) The stories that night were back to back- first a discussion of Bill Clinton's remarks defending the 1994 crime bill and himself against accusations that the bill was racist or hurt black communities, then the interview with the writers/creators of American Crime Story, and THEN, the upcoming HBO movie Confirmation about Clarence Thomas's confirmation hearings and the Anita Hill scandal. There wasn't a stated link, but amusingly, after the Clinton story was covered, the American Crime Story interview was previewed with the scene from the series where Bill Clinton made his statement and Johnny Cochran regarded it as a triumph that the President of the United States had to weigh in on the trial.

Personal Canon Meme....Again
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Looking to do my favorite meme again and ask for personal canon prompts. I will give you my headcanon for whatever characters or situation you assign. Choose a number and a character/pairing & I'll take it from there. If something kickstarts my muse, there may even be fic in it. Feel free to pick more than one. My fandoms are in my tags.

1. sleep headcanon
2. sad headcanon
3. happy headcanon
4. angry/violent headcanon
5. sex headcanon
6. bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
7. romantic headcanon
8. family headcanon
9. friendship headcanon
10. quirks/hobbies headcanon
11. likes/dislikes headcanon
12. childhood headcanon
13. old age/aging headcanon
14. cooking/food headcanon
15. appearance headcanon
16. random headcanon
17. any other question of your choosing

Jed Bartlet Addendum to Favorite Male Characters List
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This is sort of a first addendum to my Top Ten Male Character list that I posted several days ago.

You know, I feel like this is the second time this list where I'm at war with the fact that I LOVE a darker interpretation of Jed Bartlet as opposed to just Everyone's Favorite Grandfatherly President because I really think he's owed that as such a fascinating character. However, as I've discussed in the Song Meme, Handlebars is one of my favorite fan-vids, but come on, most of the clips used to show Jed's violent meglomania as the song becomes more threatening are either other group's actions (Palestinian terror organizations' attacks on Fitz) or universally correct actions (arrest the white Supremacists who tried shooting at the President and his staff and seriously injured President and Deputy COS because of inter-racial dating).

I also loved the Strengths and Flaws gif-set that I used when ranking Jed among my favorite male TV characters of all time and praised it in that entry. However I disagree with all of the images in the "Spiteful" section. LOL, I've watched the show a lot so I know that the the images are of (1) Jed meeting with Shareef right while he's weighing to assasinate Shareef on his way home, (2) Jed cussing out G-d for his recent bad luck that Jed's feeling defensive could be karmically his fault, and (3) Jed admonishing Dr. Jenna Jacobs for sitting her ass down while the President stands to protest the administration, for at least tolerating homosexuality.

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Top Ten Male Characters
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Once again emulating 12_12_12, I offer my Top 10 Male Characters with the same rules as in My Top 10 Female Characters entry.

I got a little more carried away on finding quotes. It was particularly a labor of love for Don Draper, Tony Soprano, and Jed Bartlet. Unlike 12_12_12, I don't have the artistic sensibilities to come up with my own picpsam so I just trolled Tumblr for spams. And MAY I JUST SAY the Wesley, Tony, and especially Jed Bartlet gifsets make so happy beyond words. Great meta/imaging work!

Unlike the girl/women list, I'm pretty sure that this is basically my Top 10. My "only one character per show" didn't really hurt anyone except for the guys from Rome. Today it was Titus Pullo- but I love Ceasar and Lucius Verenus about as much.

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Top Ten Favorite Female Characters
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I got this idea from 12_12_12, a veritable source of good fandom ideas. I will note:

1. Maybe this isn't *technically* my top ten favorite female character list. I wanted only one entry per TV show to keep things diverse. So that's why there's certainly no Buffy Summers and arguably Abbey Bartlet or Betty Draper.

2. These are not my graphics. I suck at making graphics. I trawled through Tumblr and went out like a thief (but I"m crediting!)

3. Maybe I got a little overzealous with the quotes- but I really wanted to find quotes that I don't see around a lot but I absolutely love, especially from the more verbose characters. But I also wanted to focus on the barn-burners, especially from shows that really don't get a play on the Internet like The Sopranos.

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Song Meme
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I'm doing the username song meme, from kikimay, beer_good_foamy and lokifan. Post one song for each letter in your username. I even spelled out the "thirty three".

Space Oddity: Starting this off with a tribute to the late, great David Bowie.
Union Maid: By Woody Guthrie, and special plaudits to the Judy Collins/Pete Seeger version. It's a song to practically cheer to! "Now there once was a union maid, she never was afraid Of the goons and the ginks and the company finks and the deputy sheriffs who made the raid."
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: The EPIC song where Elphaba just commits to her terrible reputation as the Wicked Witch in Wicked. Tragic, but utterly grand as it marries the narrative power of a witch and the power of the (intended to be talented) lady singing such a difficult expository but anthem like song.
Coal Miner's Daughter: I'm a hardcore country-music fan, and Loretta Lynn is one of my favorites. Although I gotta say, I think I love Sissy Spacek's cover just as much in the movie of the same title when she sings the song all decked out as a STAH but the movie goes back over the aspects of Loretta's life that shaped the song in a old-timey credit way.
Let's Face the Music and Dance: A great Irving Berlin song- just the title is so evocative of both swing dancey coolness but also a deeper message underneath.
Ode to Billie Joe: I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone. It's like blurting out the end of a mystery classic, as far as I'm concerned. Just leave the suspense as an indication of the song's haunting magnificence in its narrative.
Under Pressure: The ascendant vocals with the persistently cool baseline make this one of my favorite Queen songs.
Desolation Row: One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs. "They're selling postcards of the hanging. They're painting the passports brown. The beauty parlor is filled with sailors. The circus is in town."
Seasons of Love: /is a Broadway cliche
Takin' Pills: If there were any justice, the Pistol Annies would be the biggest group in country music today. The music video is especially a highlight, as all three gals in the group look accusatory at each other as one wastes band money on booze, another wastes it on cigarettes, and another wastes it on painkillers.
Hello (Book of Mormon): So much fun, brilliant use of a chorus as door-to-door Morman converters go through their routine.
I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor: The sly wit of the Arctic Monkeys...
Ramblin' Man: The background of the song rambles just along with the lyrics. It's onomatopoetically sound.
Take a Bow (Rihanna version): Oh look, an actual pop song!
You Won't Succeed on Broadway (If You Don't Have Any Jews): From Spamalot- the David Hyde Pierce version. Hilarious lyrics and fun use of the entire cast for a dynamic number. "They won't care if it's witty, or everything looks pretty, They'll simply say it's shitty and refuse. Nobody will go, sir, If it's not kosher then no show, sir, Even Goyim won't be dim enough to choose!"
Take Back Your Mink: One of the underrated strengths of Guys and Dolls was the Adelaide and the Hot Box gals' songs- just the right kind of gimmick to be believable as a 1950s borderline strip club/nightclub but with an authentic independence where you can believe Adelaide and her back-up singers were expressing their deeper frustrations with their objectification even as they were prancing around in cat suits and discarding make a point! "Take back your mink. Take back your pearls. What made you think that I was one of those girls? Take back the gown The gloves and the hat I may be down. But I'm not flat as all that."
Handlebars: Actually in terms of fandom, this Flobots song was used very well in music vids for two my favorite characters of all time. Jed Bartlet and Willow Rosenberg. Those are two of my favorite character vids of all time, even though they're a little harsh on my fave. I think I'd rebel if it was just meta- I mean, it acts like Jed meglomanically ordered military attacks, using footage of when other nations/terrorist organizations attacked the United States in-story. With Willow, I can't stand meta that leads up her every actions to the end of S6 and stops there. However, as a thoughtfully edited music vid using a song that makes a broader point, I enjoyed the character vids a lot.
Rainbow Tour: This is a key song where I disagree with conventional wisdom that the Madonna movie sucked in comparison to the plays. Let's hear it for the cinematic grand scope of Peron and his yes men watching reels on Evita's trip while Che acts as their servant but ever more powerfully critiques the trip- but against both the black and white reels of the trip that the politicians are evaluating but also the grand scenes of Evita actually dealing with an increasingly failing trip to Europe in color from her starting off successfully in a bullfighting stadium in Franco's Spain to her car rolling into Rome as its egged by the Mussolini-aware Italian population to the tragedy of her health failing in France. "Eva started well, no question, in France. Shining like a sun through the post-war haze
A beautiful reminder of the care-free days. She nearly captured the French, she sure had the chance. But she suddenly seemed to lose interest. She looked tired" would lose pathos if it didn't switch to Evita like beautiful, wilting flower in France, even after the song brilliantly critiques her as a creature of tyrannies, correctly looked at with suspicion in a just post-WWII Europe on their own hangover from fascism.
Everybody Talks: Neon Trees. So much fun!
Empire State of Mind: Yes, it's a cliche by now. Still a terrific anthem to NY. CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF!

Willowy Goodness Awards
Adorable Willow
Thank you to whomever nominated me for the Willowy Goodness Awards, especially in The Big Gun category! What an honor! I was particularly touched by the rationale for the nomination: If you click on the "btvs/ats: willow is my homegirl" tag on sunclouds33's livejournal, you'll find a wealth of thoughtful, original essays and headcanons about Willow. Sunclouds33 engages in meticulous analysis of canon in her analysis of Willow's thoughts, motives, and actions. Thank you to whoever wrote such a kind compliment!

Triangle Review
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I wrote a review of Triangle for BuffyForums and I'm posting it (edited for LJ) here! First, I responded to some board comments on Into the Woods because it sets up the Triangle dynamics

I'm less on Anya's side or at least, less ANTI-Xander/Willow than most fans in Into the Woods. Xander and Anya don't have a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They have a rather *spoken* agreement that Xander is supposed to teach Anya how to interact socially like a normal person. Xander and Anya are trying to form a middle-class life together, beyond Anya's criminal gang days and Xander's poverty. Because they have to swim together which requires two paychecks and decent social immersion in their small circle since they're necessarily socially isolated from the wider world because of their evil fighting activities (and frankly, Anya's abrasive other-worldly personality), Xander and Anya have an understanding that she particularly needs coaching to make her a career and social swimmer. So, Anya takes his lists of Employer/Employee no-nos or rules on how to interact with customers as a saleswoman. It's actually a little like how Anya thinks that she needs to push unambitious, "lazy", push-over Xander to make commitments to her or stand up for himself at work or get the apartment to make him a swimmer.

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Reign Thoughts and Mad Men Rec
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This is an awesome video description of a number of the Vietnam War metaphors in S6 of Mad Men, focusing on Chevy as Vietnam. Let's hear it for Slate Magazine. Mainstream outlets rarely do this kind of creative TV meta; usually the people WHO ARE PAID TO WRITE ABOUT TV merely write an article only a few evolutionary steps removed from a TV guide summary.


So, I just finished S2 of Reign. A bunch of scattershot thoughts below the cut, focusing on Greer and the Conde/Francis/Mary love-triangle.

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2015 Fandom Meme
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I did the 2015 Fandom Meme, inspired by frelling_tralk. I mostly speak in generalities for a lot of forms of media but beware of specific spoilers for Mad Men, House of Cards, Transparent, and Homeland.

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